Student Scholarship Program-Flagship Program

PAMA’s Student Scholarship Program awards full and partial scholarships to qualifying undergraduate and graduate healthcare students in Palestine.

Teleconference Program

PAMA’s Teleconference Program provides core curriculum lectures to Palestinian medical residency programs from US board certified physicians that hold an assistant professor degree and have experience lecturing at conferences and grand rounds.

Corneal Transplant Program-Flagship Program

PAMA’s Corneal Transplant program provides corneal transplants to Gaza area patients who have lost their sight through disease or injury.

Children’s Congenital Surgery Program-Flagship Program

PAMA’s Congenital Surgery Program for Children provides corrective surgery to children suffering from congenital anomalies.

Cochlear Implant Program

Every year in Palestine there are 250 to 300 children born with hearing loss. Their hearing loss is severe to the point most of them will need cochlear implants.

Hemodialysis Program

PAMA’s Hemodialysis Program provides new hemodialysis machines and chairs to clinics in Gaza and the West Bank to improve quality of care to patients suffering from kidney failure.