Medical Missions

PAMA’s Medical Missions Campaign provides medical, surgical, and educational support to Gaza area hospitals, doctors, and medical staff as well as medical and surgical supplies.

These annual missions are an important part of PAMA’s work. Not only do they provide support and supplies to the medical community in Palestine, they also give PAMA the opportunity to connect with the doctors, hospitals and universities that it serves. Donations to PAMA’s Medical Mission Campaign are used to purchase supplies and equipment for hospitals in Gaza. Doctors involved with the mission donate their time and expertise and pay for their own travel expenses. PAMA organizes and facilitates all logistic details of the mission. 

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PAMA has communicated regularly and worked closely with the Palestinian medical community to provide them with PPE, medicine, and medical equipment to support their fight against COVID-19.

The pandemic has pushed the health care system in Palestine to its limits, especially in Gaza.  Overcrowding, poverty and lack of access to water make it virtually impossible for people to take preventative measures, socially distance and quarantine affectively. Palestine is still struggling to receive and administer vaccines due to limited resources. PAMA is committed to supporting the Palestinian health care community in its battle against COVID-19 by continually monitoring the situation and working with the Ministry of Health and local hospitals to provide targeted and timely support.

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Caritas Hospital Fund Campaign

Caritas Children’s Hospital in Bethlehem is the only children’s hospital that serves the West Bank’s 400,000 children

Founded in 1952, Caritas treats over 50,000 patients every year, regardless of faith, nationality or financial background. Not only does Caritas provide critical subspecialty care like, neurology, pulmonology, neonatology and pediatric intensive care, it also offers career opportunities for young Palestinians and provides continuing education for local medical and paramedical staff. Like PAMA, Caritas supports the economy of Palestine by sourcing supplies like food, medicine and medical supplies from local vendors and works closely with the Ministry of health and other Palestinian hospitals to bring accessible medical care to the 400,000 children it serves. Join PAMA in supporting Caritas Hospital and the children it serves. 

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