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Psychosocial Rehab Program for Children

Over 50% of the population in Gaza are children who live in poverty with minimal access to food and shelter. Violence and loss surround them, and their families have no resources to address their mental distress. They are the future of Palestine. Through this program, PAMA has helped 650 children receive mental health intervention at the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.

The experienced team of doctors and therapists at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital assess the needs of the children and give the children and their families the tools to cope with the challenges they face.

In addition to mental health care, beneficiaries of this program receive care packages of necessities from our PAMA Youth program that supports PAMA’s Psychosocial Rehab Program. A donation of $xxx provides mental health intervention for one child for (amount of time).


*PAMA will do its best to use your donation toward the project of your choice, however, in certain cases, PAMA may use it where it's needed most 

Psychosocial Rehab Program for Children