Who we are

Story of pama

PAMA was established on Nov. 10th 2013, the founders are Palestinian healthcare professionals who practiced or are practicing in the United States. PAMA fills in an unmet need for an umbrella to embrace Palestinian and other health care professionals who care about Palestine. Driven by such need a group of Palestinian physicians gathered in Dearborn, MI and had their first PAMA meeting. Since then PAMA has been reaching out to all healthcare professionals in West Bank and Gaza and the US, helping to build bridges between US and Palestinian health professionals and institutes, and collaborating with other local and international NGOs to help achieve PAMA’s mission. PAMA membership is open to all healthcare professionals who share PAMA mission. This includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, therapists, and healthcare technology professionals.

Our Objectives

  • Establish an open registry to all health care professionals in the United States (US) who share the mission of PAMA
  • Collaborate with Palestinian Health institutes and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help promote health care in West Bank and Gaza
  • Facilitate medical missions from the US to West Bank and Gaza
  • Facilitate training health care professionals

Our Mission

PAMA’s mission is to provide immediate medical relief to Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank and to establish and support programs, education & training that foster the future of Palestinian health care.

Our Vision

PAMA envisions a future where all Palestinians in Gaza & the West Bank have access to comprehensive, and sustainable health care.

PAMA envisions a future where Palestinians have access to comprehensive health care and the Palestinian health care community can develop and achieve the highest possible standard of health care for the people it serves, free from any political or ideological impediments.

How you can you help us

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Message from president

When we founded the Palestinian American Medical Association in 2015, my colleagues and I decided to combine our individual efforts to support health care in Palestine. We knew that in doing so, we could make our donations more impactful, and we had so many connections in the Palestinian health care community we were confident that we could direct our donations to address the health care community’s most urgent needs. It was an idea that simply made sense. With just a little more effort, we could really make a difference. PAMA reached out to see if people wanted to support and join our efforts and, year by year, support for PAMA increased.

In seven years, PAMA has built communities of support in the US that have donated over $6,000,000 to support health care in Palestine. PAMA has established and maintains several projects in Palestine that bring medical care and education to Palestinians. PAMA also responds to the urgent needs of the Palestinian medical community in times of crisis and coordinates with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, hospitals, clinics, medical universities, and other humanitarian organizations who work in Palestine.

Our idea, our very practical and simple idea has become a passion, an inspiration, and a labor of love. As president and as a founding member of PAMA, I am the steward not only of PAMA’s programs and progress, but I am also the keeper of the ideas that PAMA is founded upon, commitment, community, and transparency. Together, our efforts will be more impactful if we are willing to commit to the extra effort. PAMA’s accomplishments are the results of the cumulative commitment of our community in the US and our commitment to the future of healthcare in Palestine.

PAMA’s consistent and reliable presence in Palestine and the growth of PAMA’s communities in the US supplies an intangible yet integral piece of any humanitarian work, hope. For decades, Palestinians have seen basic standards of living eroded by forces outside of their control. As we continue to share this commitment to bring healthcare to Palestine, we remind the people of Palestine that they are not forgotten. As PAMA grows, the more visible we become in the world, and we increase the visibility of the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

Thank you for supporting the work that inspires us.


Dr. Yousef Khelfa, MD, FACP, PAMA Co-founder & President



Majdi Hamarshi, MD

Board member, Cofounder, Ex President, Chairman of Board of Directors

Yousef Khelfa, MD

President, Board member, Cofounder

Muaiad Kittaneh, M.D, FACP

Board member, Cofounder

Mustafa Musleh, MD

Board member, Cofounder, Vice President

Rami Ahmad, MD

Board member and Chair of PAMA education committee

Fadi Safi, MD

Board member, Cofounder

Nezam Altorok, MD

Board member, Cofounder and Treasurer

Safa Saleh,BSN

Board Member

Najib Albina

Board member

Marwan Ahmad

Executive Director

Syeda Fizza Batool

Executive Assistant