Welcome to PAMA

At PAMA we are dedicated to be active at the local and international level and respond to humanitarian needs and crises wherever needed and within our capabilities. PAMA is a relatively young organization and is being run by pure volunteer efforts. PAMA officers and board of directors don't receive any financial compensation and donate to cover PAMA's administrative costs. We encourage you to be part of our success and we would like to thank those who already joined and volunteered with their time or money.

PAMA Founders

PAMA founders, bottom row from right to left: Dr. Majdi Hamarshi, Dr. Yousef Khelfa, Dr. Khalil Katato, Dr. Sa'ed Sleimieh. Top row from right to left: Dr. Ahmad Daraghmeh, Dr. Nezam Altorok, Dr. Basel Abusneineh, Dr. Mustafa Musleh, and Dr. Muaiad Kittaneh.


About Us

PAMA was established on Nov. 10th 2013, the founders are Palestinian healthcare professionals who practiced or are practicing in the United States. PAMA fills in an unmet need for an umbrella to embrace Palestinian and other health care professionals who care about Palestine. Driven by such need a group of Palestinian physicians gathered in Dearborn, MI and had their first PAMA meeting. Since then PAMA has been reaching out to all healthcare professionals in West Bank and Gaza and the US, helping to build bridges between US and Palestinian health professionals and institutes, and collaborating with other local and international NGOs to help achieve PAMA’s mission. PAMA membership is open to all healthcare professionals who share PAMA mission. This includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, therapists, and healthcare technology professionals.

Donate Today

Every contribution helps. PAMA is a non for profit 501 (c) (3) charity, EIN 47-2227058